Corporate Philosophy

Message from the President

The Corporate Philosophy sets forth the manner in which hopes to contribute to the world.
In turn, the Code of Conduct sets forth the actions employees should take to achieve the Corporate Philosophy, and acts as a guide in the performance of our duties.
Every individual in the Group, including myself, is dedicated to acting in good faith in accordance with the Corporate Philosophy and Code of Conduct. I hope that by doing so, we can respond to the expectations of patients and other stakeholders and the trust they have placed in us, and continue to be a company that contributes to society.

Representative Director, President Mitsuo Sawai

sawai Corporate Philosophy

Patients First
1.It is Sawai’s mission to enable people to live healthy lives through pharmaceutical products imbued with our whole-hearted dedication. 2.It is Sawai’s challenge to grow in tandem with society through innovation and cooperation, while pursuing creativity. 3.It is Sawai’s hope that we will become an indispensable part of society through our desire to be of service.

sawai Code of Conduct

At , our intimate involvement with human life makes us deeply cognizant of our enormous responsibilities as a pharmaceutical company, and this Code of Conduct has been established in the belief that Pharmaceutical Products are ourselves.
In putting this Code of Conduct into practice, we recognize that our responsibility begins with following the laws and regulations of every country in which we do business, and also compels us to act in good faith and with high ethical standards.

Chapter 1: Alongside Patients

1. Truly appreciated Pharmaceutical Products
In providing Pharmaceutical Products that are truly appreciated, our first consideration is always to improve patient benefit.
2. A focus on patient needs in the creation of pharmaceutical products
In working together to benefit patients, we focus on the timely, swift creation of pharmaceutical products that represent the pursuit of high added value in every respect.
3. Providing reliable pharmaceutical products
By insisting on higher quality in everything we do, we continue to offer patients pharmaceutical products they can trust.
4. Sincere consideration for patients’ feelings
We listen carefully to patient feedback, and respond with sincere consideration for their feelings.
5. Offering information from the patients’ viewpoint
We appropriately provide information beneficial to patients in straightforward language based on data that is both factual and fair.
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Chapter 2: Alongside Medical Professionals

1. Building relationships of trust
We are keenly aware that everything we do leads back to clinical care. Through the quality of our responses and the sincerity of our actions, we work to build and maintain relationships of trust with medical professionals.
2. Developing pharmaceutical products from medical professionals’ viewpoint
With a precise understanding of clinical needs, we develop pharmaceutical products that are reliable, safe and provide high added value.
3. Ensuring a stable supply
By sharing information with clinical professionals and working to strengthen relationships with our business partners, and by building a demand-sensitive production structure, we provide a stable, timely supply of pharmaceutical products.
4. Providing a fulfilling information
We provide prompt, accurate, useful information on the quality, effectiveness and safety of our pharmaceutical products and on medical care in general.
5. Insisting on greater quality
In providing pharmaceutical products to medical professionals, we insist on higher quality in everything we do, from research and development, to production, to offering information.
6. Compliance with legal and promotional codes
We comply with laws and industry standards in all our activities involving product promotion and advertising, which are conducted ethically and appropriately.
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Chapter 3: Alongside Business Partners

1. A spirit of coexistence and co-prosperity
We build relationships of trust with companies providing outstanding quality, technical capabilities and services, and with those involved in ensuring reliable supply, working to ensure our mutual growth and development.
2. Fair, transparent transactions
We comply with applicable laws and regulations, and conduct fair and transparent business transactions. We offer equitable access to business opportunities, and do not engage in transactions that make unreasonable use of a superior bargaining position.
3. Adequate import and export controls
When importing or exporting pharmaceutical products, raw materials, machinery, equipment and technology, we work to understand and comply with the laws, regulations and other rules of all countries in which we do business designed to prevent their misuse for the purpose of threatening world peace.
4. Prudent relationships and a distinction between public and private
We maintain clean, prudent relationships with our business partners, and will not engage in illicit transactions involving the granting or receipt of improper benefits. We do not attempt to use our professional positions for our own benefit or that of third parties.
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Chapter 4: Alongside Employees

1. Vision
Our vision is that each of us should take part in achieving the Corporate Philosophy. We strive to remain thankful and humble, and to look at ourselves honestly and sincerely. We continue to polish both our characters and our manners, with the goal of becoming figures possessed of keen humanity and a deep sense of responsibility and integrity.
2. Self-improvement and challenge
Recognizing that each of us represents , we work to improve ourselves as professionals, bringing ambition and motivation to change as we continue to take on new challenges.
3. Fair, impartial evaluation and treatment
Based on the belief that our employees’ individual personalities and capabilities are our greatest assets, we work to provide a stage on which those with outstanding motivation and ability can perform to their fullest, and we offer fair, impartial evaluation and treatment.
4. A safe, sanitary workplace
We believe that better pharmaceutical products are generated in a workplace that supports mental and physical well-being, and we strive to create a safe, sanitary, harassment-free environment for our employees.
5. Promoting diversity and a culture of unity
By creating new ideas and new value through the active promotion of diversity, and through respectful communication and teamwork, we create an open, unified corporate culture.
6. Achieving work-life balance
Through greater work efficiency and thoughtful cooperation, we support the achievement of diverse lifestyles that balance the needs of work, the home and the community.
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Chapter 5: Alongside Shareholders and Investors

1. Maximizing corporate value
We seek to enhance corporate value through rational investment decisions and efficient use of corporate resources, with the goal of maximizing shareholder and investor profits.
2. Ensuring shareholder rights and equality
We work to put in place an environment that supports the exercise of voting rights, substantially ensuring the rights of our shareholders, while also effectively ensuring the equality of those rights.
3. Prompt, bold decisions with a global perspective
In order to achieve sustained growth and mid- to long-term improvement in corporate value, and to react quickly to changes in the business environment, we make prompt, bold decisions with a global perspective.
4. Enhanced corporate governance
With the aim of enhancing corporate governance, we work to build and put in place an optimal management structure, including internal controls affecting compliance and financial reporting.
5. Proactive investor relations
Through our investor relations (IR) activities, we work to ensure transparency and provide timely, appropriate disclosure of financial and non-financial information, as we endeavor to engage in constructive dialogue and collaboration with our shareholders and investors.
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Chapter 6: Alongside Society

1. Social responsibility
Achieving the Corporate Philosophy through our business is our most important social responsibility, and by providing Pharmaceutical Products, we contribute to improved access to medical care and sounder financing for healthcare.
2. Coexisting with society
As good corporate citizens and as individual representatives of , we contribute to society through an ongoing dialogue with our communities, with the goal of achieving a sound, emotionally enriched society.
3. Respect for human rights
We support and respect international statements of protections for human rights, oppose any and all discrimination based on race, gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, ideology, political opinion, sexual preference, disease or disability, and refuse any involvement in the infringement of human rights.
4. Appropriate payment of taxes
As part of our social responsibility, we comply with taxation laws in every country in which we do business, and pay the appropriate taxes.
5. Elimination of antisocial forces
We have no involvement whatsoever with antisocial forces, and work with the police, attorneys and other outside experts in taking a resolute stand against them.
6. Involvement with government and politics
While we work to build sound relationships with government agencies, we will not offer gifts, hospitality or other illegal benefits to government employees, regardless of country. We comply with all applicable laws and company regulations concerning political contributions and donations, which are conducted in a fair and transparent manner.
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Chapter 7: Alongside the Global Environment

1. Environmental preservation
In our goal of achieving a sustainable society, each of us recognizes the impact of our corporate activities on the global environment, and works to preserve the environment.
2. Preventing global warming
We consider concrete ways of preventing global warming, and take the initiative, both in our corporate activities and elsewhere, to reduce emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases.
3. Contributing to a recycling-oriented society
We contribute to achieving a recycling-oriented society, making effective use of limited resources through recycling and working to curb waste.
4. Reducing environmental impact through appropriate management of chemicals
As part of our responsibility as a company that handles chemical substances, we work to understand and appropriately manage the chemicals associated with our corporate activities, and reduce their environmental impact.
5. Biodiversity efforts
We understand that pharmaceutical products are made possible only through the bounty offered by diverse bioresources, and we work to preserve biodiversity through corporate activities that take our impact on the ecosystem into consideration.
6. Environmental communication
By collecting information on environmental preservation and providing education, we seek to increase our awareness of environmental issues. By disclosing information concerning the environment and through participation in related events, we work to build a proactive approach to environmental communication.
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Chapter 8: Management of Assets and Information

1. Appropriate control and utilization of corporate assets
We maintain appropriate control over all corporate assets, including tangible assets, intellectual property rights and information. At no time are these assets used for personal or other purposes outside of business.
2. Management of third party confidential information and respect for intellectual property
We manage and make appropriate use of confidential information provided to us by other companies with a rigorousness that meets or exceeds standards for our own confidential information. We also respect the intellectual property of other companies, and do not infringe on those rights.
3. Appropriate management of personal information
We respect the privacy of all individuals, and personal information obtained through any of our corporate activities is carefully managed in accordance with relevant laws and company regulations.
4. Prohibition of insider trading
We engage in no insider trading, or suspected insider trading, based on internal or external information not yet made public. We will also not disclose such information to third parties, including friends and family.
5. Preparation and retention of accurate, appropriate business records
Recognizing that the preparation and retention of accurate and appropriate records concerning all of our businesses is the basis for the public’s trust in us, we maintain proper records in accordance with relevant laws and company regulations.
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Promotional Framework

1. Scope of application
The Corporate Philosophy and Code of Conduct shall apply to, and be complied with by, all Group officers and employees both inside and outside Japan.
2. Responsible officers and departments
Officers and departments shall be appointed to spread the Corporate Philosophy and Code of Conduct throughout the company, and to be responsible for revisions and other clerical procedures.
3. Obligation to spread and promote
Officers and division (department) heads are responsible for spreading and promoting the Corporate Philosophy and Code of Conduct, and through their own actions shall act as role models, while encouraging their spread within their respective divisions (departments).
4. Point of contact for reporting and advice
Employees who encounter compliance violations should contact their division (department) head or the point of contact noted below to report the incident and receive advice. The privacy of those submitting justifiable reports and seeking advice is protected, and such individuals shall not receive prejudicial treatment as a result of such reports or requests for advice. Recipients of such reports and requests for advice are obliged to promptly investigate and take the appropriate corrective action.
Point of contact:
Point of contact for reporting and advice as set forth in company regulations concerning its whistleblowing system.
5. Revisions
Revisions to the Corporate Philosophy and Code of Conduct shall require the approval of the Management Meeting.

Established April 2007
Revised December 2011
Revised April 2017

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