Message from the CSR Committee Chairperson

Mitsuo Sawai,CSR Committee Chairperson

Sawai Pharmaceutical will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through its contribution to sustainment and development of a superior healthcare system under its corporate philosophy of “Patients First.”

Since our foundation as a pharmacy in 1929, Sawai Pharmaceutical has transformed itself into a manufacturer of OTC pharmaceutical products in an effort to meet the needs of society, and then, along with the introduction of a national health insurance system by the government, has grown into a leading company of generic drugs by continually evolving as an ethical pharmaceutical maker.
At present in Japan, with “a rapidly graying society and a falling birth rate” while medical care costs associated with “highly sophisticated medical treatment” continue to escalate serious societal challenges have emerged. Under these circumstances, through our corporate philosophy of “Patients First,” we have devoted ourselves from early on to the promotion and popularization of generic drugs and have made an effort to reduce the financial burden on patients and improve convenience as a specialized manufacturer of generic drugs characterized by lower cost but the same quality as original drugs and while obtaining high added value through optimized formulations. In fiscal 2017, ended March 31, 2018, we estimate that we contributed to a lowering in medical care costs by approximately as much as 275 billion yen.
As described above, we understand that “the business activities of Sawai Pharmaceutical itself are our contributions to society.” We will continue to make contributions toward the realization of a sustainable society by fulfilling our CSR objectives through our business activities or through our business processes.
We hope that you, our stakeholders, will come to understand our business activities and approach to CSR, and extend your continued support to our company.

m sawai
CSR Committee Chairperson
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