CSR Basic Policies

Sawai Pharmaceutical’s approach to CSR is based on its understanding that “the business activities of Sawai Pharmaceutical are its greatest contribution to society.” Therefore, the mission of Sawai Pharmaceutical is to contribute to society through the realization of its Corporate Philosophy and acting according to its Code of Conduct in its business operations.

Sawai’s Approach to CSR

Sawai positions the realization of its Corporate Philosophy of “Patients First,” through its business activities as its most-important corporate social responsibility, and the entire Company is devoted to realizing this objective. Moreover, along with Sawai’s growth, we are increasingly placing emphasis on the CSR activities we should perform based on input from our stakeholders. By conducting active CSR initiatives through our business processes, we are contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.
CSR basic policy chart

1) Corporate Philosophy

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2) CSR through Our Business Activities

Sawai positions realizing its Corporate Philosophy through its business activities as its most-important corporate social responsibility—CSR through Sawai’s business activities.

1.Reducing the burden on patients and enhancing convenience for them
By providing low-cost, high-quality generics to patients who are in need of medical treatment, we reduce the financial burden on patients and, by giving them peace of mind, enable them to devote their attention to successful treatment. In addition, by developing orally disintegrating (OD) tablets that can be taken without water and other value-added tablets that make it easier for patients to receive dosages of medicines, we aim to fulfill our Corporate Philosophy of putting “Patients First.”
2.Contributing to sustaining and further developing a superior healthcare system that is compatible with sound government finances.
Since Japan introduced its “universal health insurance coverage” system after World War II, Japan has maintained an outstanding system under which everyone has been able to receive necessary medical treatment.
However, as government financial issues have become more pressing and Japanese society has aged demographically, reviewing the medical system to make it compatible with soundness in government finances has become an urgent issue. Amid these circumstances, as one of the most-effective ways of reducing the medical care cost burden on the people as a whole without undermining the quality of medical services, Sawai early on decided to take the initiative in promoting the understanding of the use of generics and their reliability.
Looking ahead, as the leading company in Japan’s generic drug industry, Sawai Pharmaceutical will work to contribute toward the continuation and development of Japan’s superior medical care system, in harmony with government fiscal soundness, through promoting the use of generics.
3.CSR within Business Processes and Code of Conduct
To realize its Corporate Philosophy, Sawai established its Sawai Code of Conduct, which provides a response to the question, “What actions should we take to be of service to our stakeholders?” In its business activities, Sawai has mutually interactive relationships with various stakeholder groups that include not only customers, employees, business partners, and shareholders but also regional societies as well as the global environment. For Sawai to continue its business activities sustainably, we are aware that, in its business processes, each and every one of its employees has specific responsibilities they must fulfill (CSR within its business processes). For this reason, Sawai has established its Code of Conduct to provide clear criteria for all of its employees to follow.
4.Sawai’s Infrastructure for Promoting CSR Activities
Sawai has established its CSR Committee, CSR Promotion Committee, and CSR Secretariat to promote and implement its CSR activities.

With the goal of promoting initiatives related to CSR that actively and dynamically address social issues, at Sawai Pharmaceutical, we have formed organizational units with related objectives.

CSR Committee
With the President as chairperson, this committee is composed of members drawn primarily from Directors in charge of CSR, deputy members from among Directors with secondary responsibility for CSR, other Directors, Standing Statutory Auditors and Corporate Officers. This committee meets twice a year, discusses annual activities based on the Company’s Basic CSR Policy, approves these activities and reviews results of activities, and then makes recommendations and reports to the Board of Directors.
CSR Promotion Committee
This committee was formed as a sub-committee under the CSR Committee to promote the efficient conduct of CSR activities. The Director in charge of CSR chairs the committee, and the remaining members include deputy members from among Directors with secondary responsibility for CSR and members selected from managerial-level personnel in each division. In principle, this committee meets four times a year, prepares plans for annual activities based on the Company’s Basic CSR Policy, monitors progress, and reports on the results.
CSR Secretariat
The CSR Secretariat was formed with the objective of performing such functions as calling the meetings of the CSR Committee and the CSR Promotion Committee, preparing their meeting minutes, and disseminating information related to CSR internally and outside the Company. Members are selected from various divisions.

Important CSR Matters and the Process for Identifying Them

Sawai’s business activities take place in the context of relationships with various stakeholders that include customers, employees, business partners, shareholders and investors, and society as a whole, as well as the global environment. Based on our Corporate Philosophy of “Patients First,” for Sawai to realize sustainable increases in corporate value, conducting business activities in ways that take account of sustainability, encompassing all stakeholders, will be essential.
To this end, Sawai prepared a new Basic CSR Policy in May 2015. Based on this policy, Sawai has defined important matters in CSR activities and established priorities from two perspectives: “materiality for society as a whole” and “materiality due to linkages with Sawai’s business activities.”

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