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Sawai Pharmaceutical Disclosure Policy


Sawai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereafter "Sawai") is committed to disclosing timely, consistent, and reliable corporate information to capital market participants such as shareholders, investors, and securities analysts in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other related laws and regulations, and the rules of securities exchange, as well as providing all market participants with equal access to disclosed information on Sawai.

I. Internal organization

1. Operations
In order to uphold the aforementioned Declaration, Sawai's corporate planning and IR group will draft, revise, operate and manage the company's disclosure policy as the secretariat while consulting with the president and information disclosure officer.
2. Information disclosure representatives
Information disclosure representatives consist of the following members. As a rule, disclosure of corporate information will be handled by them:
  • President
  • Information disclosure officer
  • Corporate Administration Division director
  • General manager, and designated staff in charge of investor relations, corporate planning and IR group, Controller Department
  • General Manager, and designated staff in charge of public relations, PR group, Corporate Strategy Department
  • Designated staff in charge of shares, General Affairs group, General Affairs Department
3. Feedback from market
The information disclosure officer listed in 2 will notify the general managers of each division and workplace of the results of assessments of Sawai and the company's businesses by the capital markets, in order to build a structure that enables each division and workplace to correctly understand the market assessments.
4. Establishment of internal organization
Sawai and its subsidiaries (hereafter "the Sawai Group") will strive to establish and enhance the company's internal organization required for information disclosure conforming to the Disclosure Policy.
5. Thorough observance and implementation of Disclosure Policy
The Sawai Group will ensure thorough observance and implementation of the Disclosure Policy by its divisions, workplaces.

II. Basic policies related to disclosure

1. Important information and its handling

(1) Important information

The Sawai Group positions the following corporate information as important information to be disclosed:

  1. Information required to be disclosed by domestic and international laws and regulations related to information disclosure and the rules of securities exchanges.
  2. Other information considered to have significant influence on investment judgments made by investors.

(2) Information disclosure methods

Sawai will disclose information in accordance with the requirements for timely disclosure of corporate information (hereafter "the rules on timely disclosure") prescribed in the Securities Listing Regulations and the Enforcement Rules for Securities Listing Regulations set down by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Information corresponding to the rules on timely disclosure will be disclosed through the "timely disclosure network" (hereafter "TDnet") operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange after providing prior explanation, as well as to various mass media organizations without delay.
Information not corresponding to the rules on timely disclosure will also be disclosed actively if deemed important, by appropriate methods based on the objectives of the rules on timely disclosure.
Information disclosed by TDnet will also be disclosed promptly on this website.

2. Fair disclosure of information
Sawai is committed to the fair disclosure of information to all participants of the capital market through our information disclosure representatives regardless of their relationship as shareholders, institutional investors, private investors, securities analysts, or media.
3. Centralization of inquiry desk
In the event employees or executives other than the information disclosure representatives receive inquiries seeking information or comments from participants of capital markets, they must not answer the inquiry themselves but inform the information disclosure representatives of the inquiry made. The information disclosure representative who was notified of the inquiry must respond to the inquiry promptly.
4. Handling market rumors
In principle, Sawai will not respond to rumor when it is clear that the Sawai Group is not the source of such rumor. However, if it is determined that a rumor has a major influence on capital markets or a strong possibility exists, or in the event explanation, etc., is required by the Tokyo Stock Exchange or other organizations, the information disclosure officer will determine the response to be taken.
5. Disclosure on future forecasts
Sawai will disclose information on future forecasts to market participants for them to appropriately evaluate the future performance of the company, as well as the future and current corporate value. Sawai will disclose the performance forecasts for the 1st half of the current business year and those for the full business year at the time of announcement of financial results for the full-year, and performance forecasts for the full business year at the time of announcement of financial results for the 1st half.
The details of business results announced by Sawai in the brief note on the settlement of accounts and other media are forecasts on future performance, and based on evaluations and predictions made from information that can be collected at that moment in time. Consequently, the actual performance may differ from such estimates depending on the various risks involved, changes in circumstances, and economic factors.
In the event it is discovered that future performance prospects differ from forecast values already announced, a revised performance forecast will be announced promptly if deemed as important information in accordance with Important information and its handling.
6. Blackout period
To prevent leakage of settlement-related information, a one month period prior to the day of announcement of financial results will be set as a blackout period, during which comments related to settlement and all responses to questions will be withheld.
7. Caution ralated to investment decisions
Information placed on this website is intended to deepen understanding on the business activities, financial information, and business information of Sawai, and not for soliciting investments. Decisions related to investments should be according to the individual judgment of the user.
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