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This Web site is established and managed by Sawai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Sawai Pharmaceutical).
Please read the following conditions for use before using this Web site, and use it only if agreeing with these terms.
After use of this site begins, it will be mean that the following use conditions are approved.

1. Copyrights
The contents of this Web site (information, documents, photographs, figures, illustrations, voices, animation, trademarks, and design, etc.) are the copyrighted property of Sawai Pharmaceutical. The entire content of this Web site is protected by copyright and trademark laws.
Therefore, the use of these materials in the form of reproduction, diversion, recycling, re-publishing, and sales, etc. without a previous Sawai Pharmaceutical’s permission is strictly prohibited except when approved by laws.
Furthermore, without the expressed approval of Sawai Pharmaceutical, any modification to a part or all of these contents in the Web site is prohibited.
2. Service and Contents
While Sawai Pharmaceutical takes great care in the accuracy of the information on this Web site, it does not assume any responsibility for it’s accuracy, completeness, usability, and safety of no risks of errors and virus infection.
Furthermore, it cannot assume responsibility for any damage caused by availability nor unavailability of information in this Web site.
3. Linking to this Web site
Approval beforehand from Sawai Pharmaceutical is required when linking to this Web site. Furthermore, due to drug regulations it is not possible to link to just a portion of information in this site. In such a case, Sawai Pharmaceutical will decide which page to link to. Please put an easily understandable description at the referrers that states that users will be going to the Web site once they click on the link. Sawai Pharmaceutical does not assume any responsibility for the content etc. of the referrers. Furthermore, please note that the link might be canceled due to changes in the content of and the link method by the referrers.
  • *Please describe the link address in which you would like to link to and obtain prior permission from Sawai Pharmaceutical via the inquiry form.
  • *Use of the Sawai Pharmaceutical logo is forbidden.
  • *Sawai pharmaceutical prohibits such sites as unsuitable for Sawai Phrmaceutical’s admiration, for example, a site containing illegality or attacking a third party by slander.
4. Content Changes and Closure of Service
Sawai Pharmaceutical may, without prior notice, change, add or delete site contents or close this Web site.
5. Communication by E-mail, etc.
Sawai Pharmaceutical does not have an obligation to answer communications sent via E-mail and the web form, etc.
SSL encryption (*1) is utilized when using the inquiry form for making secrecy of it but when using e-mail, etc. information and material offered to Sawai Pharmaceutical cannot be handled in secret so please refrain from the transmission of classified materials. Sawai Pharmaceutical can freely use all offered information and material for development, manufacturing, and sales or other such objectives. Also, Sawai Pharmaceutical can also use any know-how, ideas, concepts, etc. that are in the information or materials in any way except for personal information.
  • *SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a communication procedure for the encryption of information when sending and receiving on the Internet. On pages that utilize SSL the information that the customer sends will be protected by encryption.
6. Other
The use of this Web site and the conditions concerning this use conform to Japanese law.
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